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Photograph and Video Shooting Locations in Bursa

Reşat Oyal Kültürparkı - Bursa Metropolitan Municipality

Gaziakdemir Mahallesi, Çekirge Cd. No: 6, 16190 Osmangazi / Bursa 444 9 444

Kültürpark, which is the most important park of Bursa with 40 hectares, continues to be the favorite of the city and its inhabitants with its location and green texture.

Bursa Merinos Park - Bursa Metropolitan Municipality

Osmangazi Mahallesi, 16200 Osmangazi / Bursa

It is the big park of Bursa. There is an artificial pond and ornamental pools in the area of ​​1.600 plants in the green area of ​​252 thousand 500 square meters.

Soğanlı Botanical Park - Bursa Metropolitan Municipality

Çukurcaköy Mahallesi, Nilüfer cad, 16190 Osmangazi / Bursa (0224) 211 28 30

Within the scope of the green belt; combining the plain and the city with rich examples of natural life culture and a new rest and healthy for our green Bursa

Bursa Tofaş Anatolian Cars Museum and Park


Umurbey Mahallesi, Fabrika Sk., 16030 Yıldırım / Bursa (0224) 329 39 41

An old silk factory in Turkey's first and only Anatolian Cars müzesi'dir.umurbey neighborhood has been restored by Tofas,

Book House Hotel is

Kavaklı Cad. Kavaklı Mah. Burçüstü Sk. No: 21 Osmangazi, 16010 (0224) 225 41 60

Bursa hotels and Bursa hotels, which offer different styles and options, not only with the city's witness to the past, but also those who come for a holiday or business trip to Bursa.

Pasha Farm - Manege Cafe & Equestrian Sports   (6km-15min)


Right in the heart of Bursa, right in the nature ... We are at your service with a unique riding experience and beautiful tastes for children!

Haflinger Farm Cafe & Equestrian Sports     (12km-25dk)


In the middle of the Bursa plain, when you come to Hobby Gardens, Restaurant and Horse Farm that appeals to people of all ages and have a full day ..

Bursa Cumalıkızık Village   (15km-45min)


Cumalıkızık houses generally have three floors; families who live with each other live together in full cooperation and harmony

Misi Village (Gümüştepe Mahallesi - Seyyah Çelebi   (12km-30min)

Misi Village, close to the center of Bursa, a place to be visited, which can be intertwined with nature, has a history of 2000 years.

Guzelyali, Bursa   (30km-45min)

Its history forms a whole with the history of the Mudanya Region, where it has formed a part throughout the ages, and Eski (Burgaz Village)

Montania Hotel Wedding   (40km 60min) is

Ömerbey Mahallesi, İstasyon Cd. No: 3, 16940 Mudanya / Bursa (0224) 544 60 00

You can experience all the support you need with our photo - video solution partners with the difference of Montania Special Class Hotel.

Mudanya Armistice House MuseumStreet and Beach   (40km 60min)


Mudanya Armistice House Museum. Bursa beaches, Bursa beach places

Gölyazı Culture House - Aziz Panteleimon - Aglayan Agac - Beach   (45km 70dk)


St. Panteleimon (according to some sources, Hagias Georgias) Church is one of the important and unique examples of the Anatolian Greek Orthodox churches.

Tirilye Beach and pier   (50km-90dk) ...

Change of the name of the town to `Tirilye` was approved by the Ministry of Interior in accordance with Article 10 of Law No. 5393.

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